Restless? Bored? Dissatisfied? It May Be Time To Revitalize Your Small Business

Nancy Anderson

Many of my small business clients are not aware of the distress signals that indicate the old way of doing business is obsolete. They blame their dissatisfaction on the economy or increased competition. Sometimes it takes slowdowns or losing the business to force them to let go of what isn't working, such as trying to be all things to all customers or clients.

After my clients pick up the pieces, they realize they were resisting change because of fear of the unknown. Success comes when they focus on the aspect of the business they enjoy.

Given the volatile economy, rising costs of living and likelihood that safety nets like Social Security and savings may not cover expenses when you are older, it is imperative that you start now to reshape your business so that it reflects what you value the most. Here are some signals that let you know when you are holding on to what is dead and gone:

  • Feeling restless and bored (the learning is over).
  • Impatience with employees, customers or clients.
  • Loss of business that used to be dependable.
  • Illness and depletion of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Using alcohol, drugs and other distractions to get away from it all.

Rather than interpret those signals as failure, think about why you got into business in the first place. If what you are doing now isn't your passion, then it's time to think about what will make you excited about getting up in the morning. The answer could be as simple as getting rid of outdated habits, such as spending time with customers or clients who waste your time, or upgrading your products or service to match your higher personal standards. Other times, the solution is to raise your prices.

Changing your small business or practice to reflect who you are at this stage of life will attract new and better customers and clients. You will also experience the fulfillment that is missing in you life.

And having become familiar with the pain that precedes change for the better, you won't have to wait for disaster to strike before you take the action you need to take.

Nancy Anderson, Author of Work with Passion and Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond
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