Ready to Increase Your L.Q.?

Terri Lonier

Welcome to Week 3 of our Solo Turn-Around, in which soloists recognize opportunities in this time of upheaval.

Soloists from around the world are sensing the possibilities for change these days. Suzanna Clary writes in from Nova Scotia, Canada to say: "In some ways people have less to lose now. They're more free to make radical, interesting, personally meaningful changes to their businesses, changes that whent hey were more comfortable would have seemed foolhardy and too risky."

Do Suzanne's insights resonate with you? If so, this week it's time to focus on increasing your L.Q. - your Learning Quotient. First, mentally jump ahead 12 months. The world is different. Now, paint a mental picture of what your company looks like. To get there, invest in your most valuable business asset: yourself.

This investment doesn't necessitate a major financial outflow. There are multiple free and low-cost resources available. What it requires is your time, focus, and commitment. Here are four skill areas that may need your attention:

1. Technology skills.
Always wanted to learn HTML, CSS, and other Web programming? Know that you're only tapping 20% of the power of Microsoft Word? Here's your chance to increase your geekitude. Check out the online videos at (only $25/month for unlimited access, and many intro segments are free), browse the Web for how-to technology sites, or barter your skills with a tech wizard who can teach you.

2. Business management skills.
Where are the holes in your business operations? Need a better handle on finances? Struggling to develop better planning capabilities? Trek down to your local library and discover their resources. Or find inspiration from free
podcasts from the Harvard Business School.

3. Marketing skills.
The online resources here are abundant. Read blogs by marketing wizards such as
Seth Godin. Browse the content posted by Marketing Profs. Tune up your online marketing with ideas from Marketing Vox.

4. Time management skills.
Ask soloists their biggest day-to-day challenge, and time management always charts high on the list. Grab this opportunity and experiment with some new techniques or processes that will bring big dividends in the long run.

This is a big list, so please take on only one or two of these areas at a time. Focus is better than diffusion.

-- Terri Lonier, Founder,
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