My Stimulus Package

Beverly Inman-Ebel

The news is filled with joys and woes of the new Stimulus Package. I have met many business people who want their own Stimulus Package. The good news is that many of us can create our own.

Perhaps the economy is making you anxious. Make sure that you spend time each day giving yourself positive thought to stimulate your day. Make three to five affirmations that follow these rules: Make it in the first person, use present tense, and use only positive words. Examples include : I am financially safe; I make wise choices; or I meet my goals; etc...

Determine past projects that really would get you moving and reward yourself  for spending time on them. What might you start if you know you could not fail? Putting regular energy into projects usually ensures gradual success.

We all are responsible for sales, the lifeblood of all businesses. Brainstorm on what you can do differently. The process mentioned in our opening article has worked well for TLC. One of my clients in Nashville who is responsible for business development has steadily stimulated potential prospects averaging 9 contacts a day, scheduling two daily meetings, and discovering multiple prospects who are requesting bids for his company's services.

One part of my personal stimulus package includes doing more with less. I have reduced 13 pounds and gained twice that amount of energy. The program is to eat less and move more. It really does work. There are no rapide paybacks, just steady change. Most worthwhile changes require consistent effort.

Do you want to stimulate your mental acuity ? Take up a hobby that you have never done before. Play a musical instrument. Build something. Give to others. New activities wake us up and give us creative energy.

Don't wait for a bailout. Stimulate yourself. If you don't know where you want to be, at least know that you don't want to stay what you are. Any change can be quite stimulating. Start your own unique stimulus package today. You are worth the investment. If it seems over-whelming, start small. Any journey starts with the first step. Just imagine where you can end up.

Stimulate yourself. Start now. Live your dreams.

Beverly Inman-Ebel is founder and CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC
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