Is Your Enthusiasm For Work Flickering Out? Reignite the Flame! Part 2

Joyce Weiss

Last time we covered half the tips on how to relight your passion for work - including finding a hobby, volunteering, and taking a new class. Let's see some more ideas:

6. Concentrate on what is in front of your nose. If you're taking a walk, notice what's in front of you. If you're at home, notice the person you're talking to. Do your best to turn off your self talk about work.
7. Suggest holding team meetings to discuss what everyone in the organization can do together. Are teams working together or waiting for the stress to go away? The new norm is doing more with less. Strategize fresh ideas on how the team can work better than ever before.
8. Learn how to be authentic and share your thoughts with others. This tip is a real burnout buster. People who are straightforward experience less stress. Instead of wasting hours during the night thinking of what you should have said to someone, just do it. Be Direct with Respect® is a skill that is well worth learning!

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9. Discover the necessity of positive humor at work and at home. Positive humor lightens the stress of impossible tasks. Humor's not a luxury in our lives anymore, it's become a necessity.
10. Discover what values are important to you. The qualities you consider most significant will have a tremendous impact on your life. Which ones need immediate attention? Could it be personal solitude, creativity, family, social welfare, freedom, or independence? Balance is the key to re-igniting your energy.


Abraham Lincoln said, "People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
Burnout is a time for us to look within ourselves and find what is missing in our lives. With some introspection and change, we can rekindle our vitality and move on to more exciting times. And one last thing … make sure to enjoy the journey!

Joyce Weiss, author of Full Speed Ahead and Take the Ride of Your Life!
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