Is This Cheating?

Ilise Benun

Hi Self Promoter,

Last week, a new client sent me her blurbs (how she answers the question, What do you do?) and they were really good: variations on the different needs she addresses for a few different markets. When I asked her what she thought of them, she said, "Well, I kind of cheated."

That's when she gave me this great idea (which I'm passing along to you)...

Get the language for your blurbs from your testimonials (or even the testimonials on your competitor's web site).

For example, from our testimonials, I could turn this one...

"Thank you so much for helping me - I think I'd still be spinning my wheels! You've been a great partner in this sometimes halting process of getting the word out about what I do." 

...into this blurb:

"We partner with you so you can stop spinning your wheels and get the word out about what you do."

This is another perfect example of how everything flows from the market, especially the language you use to talk about your work.

So stop wracking your brain and open your ears to hear how your clients -- who know best what you do best -- talk about it.

Ilise Benun is a national speaker and author of several books, including The Art of Self-Promotion.
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