Are You an Extra in Your Own Movie?

Pamela Perkins

Have you ever thought about the cast of characters in your life - those that can be labeled as the significant others in your life? How much control do they have over the movie that is your life? Who is starring in your movie? Many women wake up daily to find that they have been living everyone else's life! Are you an extra in your own movie? Is someone else (or multiple characters) starring in your movie while you don't have a clue what role you're playing in the daily movie called My Life?

Then it's time to take a look at the movie script. That's what is asked of you right now, right at this moment. Be willing to think about, to look at, and ponder the daily and future life scripts you are writing for you life... or allowing others to write for you.

Creating Your Life Script
First, let's understand what we mean by life script. In order to write a movie, you must have a script. That script contains a plot, characters, major roles, minor roles, location, technicians, etc. The script acts as a guidepost to the action of the movie. Those of us viewing the action from the comfort of our movie seats have no idea of the behind-the-scenes creativity and development that went into making that movie. So, what's going on behind the scenes of your movie?

Think about how the characters in a movie create all the action based on the words they think, speak, and share. Now understand that we are all characters in our own lives. We are indeed amazing characters with inexhaustible generative powers. Yes, we generate. We move through the experience of life using our words to create and share creation. Therefore, as with the movie, your life also responds to the script you are writing or allowing others to write for you.

Ask yourself, "What's going into my script?! Well, what goes into any script? Words! Lots of words generated from thoughts. Your thoughts are mental units of energy. Thought energies become words, words become actions, and actions become your life movie. Take a quick mental journey through your life movie thus far. What have you created? Sometimes it's very hard to keep control of your own script. It seems everyone wants a leading role in your movie! How do they do this? They bring their life script - their thoughts and words - into your movie and try to switch your movie for theirs.

The Cast of Characters
Let's look at some of the behind-the-scenes roles we encounter in the movie of life and the characters we have invited to play a role in our lifescript: 
PRODUCER: Generally, the producer holds the purse strings and is responsible for making major movie/life decisions. Who is holding your purse strings? Who is creating the blueprint for you to follow?
DIRECTOR: Whose voice is guiding your life? Is it your own voice? Who and/or what is controlling the plot, the daily movement, the long- and short-term outlook and goals? Who is determining entrances and exits or who takes the left or right fork in the road? 
SCRIPT WRITER: Whose words are writing your movie? Whose legacy are you living? Creating? What words make you healthy and whole? What words tear you down, create doubt and fear? Is someone else writing the story of your life?
SUPPORTING CAST MEMBERS: Mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend, partner, lover... who is this cast of characters? How much influence do they have over your daily script? What words and emotions are shared with these cast members?
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Are you taking the pictures of your life? What landscape are you seeing? What dreams are you envisioning? Is the glass half full or half empty? Are your eyes filled only with the vicarious experiences of others?
COSTUMER: Who are you wearing? Who is dressing you? Gucci, Pucci, Larouchi, Fubu? When's the next nip and tuck? What masks do you wear daily?
EXTRAS: Are you the necessary but nonessential character in your own movie? What other characters are assuming the role of extras? Should they play a more vital role or make an occasional guest appearance?

Could Somebody Please Cut!
Every day, every moment you are making critical choices about what you will allow yourself to dwell on. These decisions start with your first conscious breath. The thoughts, words and emotions (an integral creative force behind your thoughts and words) you begin your day with will determine the quality of the rest of your day. This daily communication becomes your life story, which becomes the chapters of your movie. Do the daily scenes of your life seem to replay repeatedly? Are you experiencing the same unrealized dreams, strained relationships, professional frustrations? Then why hasn't the movie script changed? Why do these same scenes keep replaying?

Women are especially open to their script being overrun with other characters. Why? We are nurturers by gift. We love, we caress, we soothe, we guide, we shoulder, and we grow everyone but ourselves. We are socialized to define ourselves through the relatoinships we have with others. This often propagates a consciousness of, "I must take care of everyone and let their issues by my issues. I don't have time for me; besides, who am I without them?" Just by reading this now, you've answered the call not to forget yourself and to work on fulfilling your own destiny, not someone else's. Don't allow your talents to be buried at the bottom of the script; you are not an extra in your own movie. You desire to be a student of the adventure called life!

Creating a New Script
Most of us have committed to the call to live an abundant live. We understand the foundational concept of the law of attraction - co-creative power to direct the outcome of our lives through communication. In short, your life script. Only you can create it. No one can successfully think or speak your life for you. In the beginning there was the word; what is your word and how is it manifesting? Thoughts, words, and emotions - that's all the law of attraction is. The key lies in being able to intentionally and purposefully exercise your thoughts and words to generate the actions and experiences you want to be your daily script. Employ the three steps below to help you transform by renewing your mind.


1. Self-Monitor:
 Listen to yourself. Learn and develop the skill of being acutely aware of what you are thinking. Catch yourself thinking of speaking and ask yourself, "What am I thinking or speaking about, and is it healthy, productive, or loving?"

2. Self-Reflect: Then ask yourself, "Would you want to live with its consequences? How might this thought/word/emotion materialize in my life?"

3. Self-Adjust: After self-monitoring and self-reflecting, make the appropriate adjustment. Choose the correct course of action based on careful reflection of how what you say will affect your life. Do not speak that which you do not want to manifest. Think and speak words that create the movie you want to star in!

This life journey really is about creating a life script you want to star in. The universe is an equal opportunity employer and we are all granted the same vocation - to create our lives! Don't be an extra in your own movie - star in it!

Make a  list of characters in your life movie. What roles are they playing? Can you identify them based on the level of influence they have over your daily life script? Who are the major players? Who controls your time, money, and energy? Who contributes negative or positive energy to the daily plot? Is it time to write a new life script?

P.S. Perkins is the Founder & CEO of the Human Communication Institute, LLC.
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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