6 P's are the keys to success

Ed Abel

You have the best products, the best services, and a prime location. So why might your business be failing? You have everything a successful business needs, but your business, along with your life, feels like it is lacking. What you are missing are interrelated keys to a successful business as well as a successful life called "The Six P's" - passion, patience, persistence, positive attitude, planning, and practice. You are who you are, inside and outside of your business. Therefore you need to incorporate these important keys to success in all aspects of your life to make your business successful.

Passion is a highly integral part of a successful business. It is important to be doing something you are passionate about. Even if where you are is not where you want to be you need to have passion for that end result. Know exactly why you wake up each morning and surround yourself with people you want to work with. Managing a business as well as life in general can distract you from your original goals so remember to stay connected to your passion.

Patience is said to be a virtue. As a new business, gathering clients and achieving your long term goals can be a tedious process. Although we want that instant gratification, results take time. Also remember that even though you expect a proposal to be returned within a few days, those reviewing it expect to return it within the week. You are not the only business owner with a busy schedule. If you are frustrated, have a few relaxing tactics ready to use to bring that much needed patience back into your life.

Persistence is essential to your business. If your business is worth pursuing, you will stay with it through the bad times. Very few ventures that have paid off in the end succeeded on the first try. The emphasis is on keeping your same goal but changing the methods used to reach it. Use the patience you have learned and do not give up on that deal too early.

Having a positive attitude can make all the difference. Potential clients are not going to want to conduct business with someone who comes off as negative or grumpy. Surround yourself with positive people and find opportunities in every situation, both good and bad.

Planning can leverage how you use your time, money, and resources. Separate the year into separate blocks that work for your business and plan for those individual blocks each time. This will reduce spending, save time, and make sure that you are not wasting valuable resources. By knowing exactly what to expect out of, for example, the next 90 days, you can keep you and your business on schedule.

Practice is the final key to a successful business. No matter what you do or how good you are at your job, there is always room for improvement. Clients are reassured by someone who not only knows what they are doing but also by someone who is increasing their efficiency.

The keys to a successful business are simple. By incorporating these six simple steps you are not only improving your business but you are improving your life.

Ed Abel is founder of ABEL Business Institute, and author of Roadmap to Success
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