From Vision to Execution: A Design Perspective

Leslie Kossoff

A flower.  A sunset.  A photo. A moment in time.

In the fashion industry, any of those turn into billions of dollars in other people's dreams realized.

How is it done?  By the designers' ability to target in on a mood, a need, a feeling that is months away.  Sometimes half a year.

And even then, it has to transcend time - because good design is timeless.

And even that's not enough.  Because, in execution, what they're visioning translates into how men, women and children want to see themselves.  Not necessarily as they are, but what they've always wanted to and believed they could be.

This is a form of visioning that, until now, has been treated primarily as if it is only applicable to clothing and accessories.  Yet, if you think Apple's iPod and iPhone, you'll see how, when adopted by another industry, it still applies.  It's about your products and services defining lives, cultures and aspirations worldwide.

It's time to take a different look at visioning.  It's not enough to create the next 'new, new thing.'  Product or service, b2b or b2c, both how and what you do impacts lives and lifestyles.  The more you see it that way, the more you'll create new, beneficial worlds and ways of doing business for yourself, your organization and, most importantly, your customers.

Leslie Kossoff , author of Creating Quality series of Executive Field Guides and Executive Thinking
Copyright 2010, author retains ownership. All rights reserved.

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