14 Lame Marketing Excuses (and Counting)

Ilise Benun

My latest mission is to uncover as many lame marketing excuses as I can and show you how lame they (not you) are!

So the other day I sent a message to my Quick Tip subscribers, asking them to, honestly and without guilt, share with me their lamest marketing excuses – and I got back some doozies!

I asked them to finish this sentence:

I should do more marketing but ________________

Here’s the most honest one: I just don’t f$#!ing want to!

And many more — recognize any?

    1    I don’t know what to say!

    2    I’m really bad at selling myself.

    3    Only word-of-mouth marketing works.

    4    I’m not sure what I have to offer is any better than anyone else.

    5    I am not sure how to approach a stranger.

    6    I want it all to be perfect before I start.

    7    I’m overwhelmed by all the different yet simultaneous fronts of attack.

    8    I’m worried that I will be annoying. Ugh…

    9    I’m never satisfied with my website design, but can’t imagine chasing after clients until it is published.

    10    I keep marketing to the same people without getting a commitment and don’t know what to do next.

    11    I don’t have time!

    12    I’m too busy with client work!

    13    To come up with something of value to say would take more time than I have or am willing to devote to it right now.

    14    My pet tuna keeps hogging the computer! Grrrrr

And my favorite:

…but I’m afraid it’s going to work

Is yours on the list? If not, send it to me (ilise at marketing-mentor dot com)

We’ve got to get these out into the open — because what’s stopping you is most definitely stopping others too!

And if you’re ready to ditch the lame excuses and get better projects, check out the Weekly Marketing Checklist — it tells you exactly what to do when.

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