Why Do You Work Hard in Your Small Business?

Have you ever thought about why we work?  Obviously, food, shelter, and other necessities are one answer.  But beyond that, why do we work?
"Work  = Life" is the title of my favorite chapter in Jim McCann's book, Stop And Sell The Roses (Jim's the founder of 1-800-Flowers).  How do you feel about that philosophy?  Work = Life.  To help put this idea in perspective, let's substitute "work" with some sexier words:

Money = Life
House = Life
Car = Life
Boat = Life
Jewelry = Life
Cruise = Life
As nice as these things may be, as a philosophy of life, they just don't have that "reason for being" impact do they?!  Now try these:

Productivity = Life
Service = Life
Creativity = Life
Innovation = Life
Challenge = Life
Contribution = Life
Much better, don't you think?!  These words create a more appealing perspective on why we go to work every day, don't they?!
Money and stuff are just a way to keep score.  Work = Life.