Sowing Small Business Idea Seeds

A seed is such an interesting thing. It emerges as a soft, fleshy issues from the parent, then morphs into a dry, hardened kernel in order to withstand time and travel until the day when its purpose in life, germination, begins.

Think of it:  A tiny kernel of wheat can become the staff of life. An acorn, no bigger than your thumbnail, holds the genetic code and capacity to grown into the towering organism which has become our metaphor for strength, the might oak tree.

When you imagine something, you sprout an idea seed. When you dream of an accomplishment, you become the parent of an idea seed. An idea seed begins as a soft and fleshy musing, then with time and travel, hardens into the kernel of a concept that is ready to germinate into what might nourish your next great idea. Or it may hold all of the inspirational code necessary to become the might oak-of-an-idea upon which you will build your life, your business, your future.

In his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra said, "Within every desire is the seed and mechanics for its fulfillment."

You not only have the ability to sprout an idea seed, but with desire and focus, you have the mechanism to germinate it into something useful.

Thinking of ideas as seeds helps me collect them, categorize them, and use them at the right time and for the right purpose. Like seeds, ideas aren't always ready to open up at first. And some ideas, like seeds, shouldn't be used for a while.

As you begin collecting ideas seeds, create the kind of mental, fertile soil that will allow them to germinate at the right time and for the right purpose, each in its own time.

Thanks for being part of our community. I'll see you on the radio and the Internet.

Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate