William Conerly

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What do small business owners need to know about the financial crisis? Bill Conerly talks with Blasingame about how this new environment will impact how they get credit in the future.
How do small businesses prepare for the coming recovery? Bill Conerly talks with Jim Blasingame about the real economic conditions we have (not what the media says we have) and they discuss several things small businesses should be focusing on to prepare for the inevitable recovery, which Bill says will be sooner than later.
A slow economy is no time to make mistakes. Bill Conerly talks with Jim Blasingame about some of the things to avoid during a downturn in the economy.
You're probably planning for an economic slowdown, but are you also planning for an upturn? Bill Conerly and Jim Blasingame discuss some of the things you should be doing to make sure you're ready for a slower economy, but they also talk about not being surprised when your economy starts getting better.
What happens on Wall Street is not an indication of what's happening on Main Street, and Bill and Jim discuss why the Wall St. tail tries to wag the Main St. dog. They also talk about what small businesses should be doing to prepare for a possible slow-down in the economy.
How does a small business owner make plans for the future with all of the conflicting economic information? Bill talks with Jim about how to manage all of this effectively and make good decisions.