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As he leaves his post at the Office of Advocacy, after six years of outstanding service, Tom Sullivan talks with Jim Blasingame about his tenure, accomplishments and the work yet to be done.
Is anyone looking out for small businesses on the regulation front? Tom Sullivan is and he talks with Jim Blasingame about some of the regulations he's trying to get changed to help small businesses that have to comply with them.
More government organizations should be focusing on supporting small business instead of spending all their resources on trying to land the next big plant. Tom talks with Jim about why, and they go on to talk about some good news with EPA compliance for small business.
Tom and Jim talk about some of the good news that's coming out of the economy, followed by some of the legislative issues that concern small business which are being debated this year, like Small Business Health Plans and a minimum wage increase.
Tom and Jim discuss the regulatory environment for small business, plus the oportunities for small businesses in the new laws just passed, the Transportation Bill, the Energy Bill, and the Central American Free Trade Agreement. They also talk about some of the up-coming bills to be considered later including one that would make Association Health plans possible.
Tom joins Jim on the 3rd anniversary of his first visit to talk about recent research conducted to determine the impact of marginal impact rates on entrepreneurship. The research found that when marginal rates were lowed as little as 1% then entrepreneurship among single and married Americans increased. They continue their discussion by talking about the advantages of privatizing social security.
Jim and Thomas talk about a study that reveals how many home-based business owners there are in the U.S. and how they are affecting the economy.
How the U.S. Small Business Administration is defending small business against unnecessary regulations.
Jim and Thomas talk about the disproportionate affect of regulations on small business. They also discuss the role of government.