Tamar Jacoby

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How does the health care debate and immigration reform impact small business? Tamar Jacoby joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the connection to these issues and why small business owners should care.
Is immigration taking a back seat in the national debate? Tamar Jacoby says yes, as she joins Jim Blasingame discuss the current status of immigration reform and whether it could become an element of the health care reform debate.
What should the new administration do about the millions of illegal immigrants? Tamar Jacoby joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the real impact illegals have on the economy and some ideas on how the new administration might deal with them.
What does immigration reform have to do with your small business? Tamar Jacoby talks with Jim Blasingame about what it's going to take to get immigration back on the front burner of public debate, and why it's probably not going to be part of the presidential debates. Tamar also explains why small businesses should be involved in immigration decisions.
Where is the immigration policy leadership going to come from and how can small businesses get involved? Tamar Jacoby talks with Jim Blasingame about the differences between the two apparent presidential nominees on immigration, plus how the states are handling this issue since the Federal government failed to do so.
How is your small business impacted by the immigration policies of our country? Tamar Jacoby talks with Jim Blasingame about the realities of our illegal immigrant population on the economy and our politics, and what it means for your small business.
How big a deal is immigration going to be in the 2008 presidential campaign? Tamar talks with Jim about this and which party has the edge with Hispanics.
Where are we on the illegal immigration issue? Tamar talks with Jim about this, including a court decision this week that could create serious problems for small businesses.
What should America do about our immigration problem? Tamar talks with Jim about the national immigration debate, including the proposal Congress is currently working on.to talk before the Senate.
Illegal immigration is one of the political hot buttons and one of the America's seriously unsolved problems, and Tamar joins Jim to talk about what she thinks will and should happen in 2007 concerning this challenge.