Rick Pinion

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There are a number of different tax deductible retirement plans available to small business owners and Rick talks with Jim about two of the most important ones, the Individual K plan and the SEP-IRA.
There are some new laws that protect employers who provide retirement plans for their employees, and Rick talks with Jim about these, as well as whether Rick thinks stocks are over-valued, and what he thinks about investing in the now-record stock market.
Even though you've just finished with 2006 tax filing, it's not too early to think about 2007 tax planning, and Rick talks with Jim about some of those issues.
Rick joins Jim to talk about some of the tools financial planners use to help their clients. You can use this information as you interview financial planner prospects.
Elvis Presley's heirs lost 73% of his estate value to taxes. Rick talks with Jim about this and other estate planning nightmares he's seen and what we can do to avoid them.
Some financial planners say that disability insurance is just as important for small businesses as life insurance, and Rick talks with Jim about why that is the case.
Year-end is always a good time for small business owners to make last minute checks of our financial plan while getting the new year plan ready, and Rick talks with Jim about some of the key financial planning and tax areas to look at.
Many small businesses need to develop and fund a buy-sell agreement, and Rick talks with Jim about how to do both, including who can help you.
Rich talks with Jim about how to incorporate annuities into your financial plan, including the advantages of annuities and the disadvantages.
Rick shares with Jim what small business owners revealed about the economy in the most recent Tatum business conditions survey.