Pierce Howard

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Jane and Pierce join Jim and talk about the different personalities of customers and how to better serve them knowing what you know. They go on to talk about traits needed to accomodate customers needs.
Pierce and Jane talk to Jim about how personality plays a role in starting a business. Pierce shares the different types of personalities and which ones you need to succeed. Jim, Pierce, and Jane discuss how to use all types of personalities in businesses.
Pierce talks with Jim about applying brain power effectively in the operation of our businesses. Pierce reports the results of research that shows that 90% of all training dollars is wasted. Methods of training discussed are mass training versus spacing training out over time. The research shows that retention improved when training is delivered over time instead of all at one time. The guys talk about ways to maximize your training budget and the effectiveness of your organization, including some of the new electronic capability.
Pierce talks with Jim about the need to exercise your memory and practice using your memory the way we exercise our muscles. They talk about how information overload takes a toll on us, and how to deal with the challenges of this phenomenon.