Philippa Gamse

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Philippa joins Jim to talk about how to attract customers who visit your Web site by posting any public relations news about you or your company on your Web site.
Jim and Philippa talk about emotionally connected websites and the domain names you might want for your business.
Jim and Philippa explain what a firewall is and discuss firewall software capabilities.
Jim and Philippa talk about how to maximize the performance of your business' website and a program that will help you do that.
Jim and Philippa talk about business online and getting your business strategy tuned up for the new year.
Philippa joins Jim to give some tips on maximizing the performance of your business's web site.
Jim and Philippa talk about the importance of collecting, tracking, and understanding the traffic reports generated by your website.
Phillipa joins Jim to discuss how to use email effectively in your small business, how to create a domain name, plus other on-line issues.
Phillipa and Jim discuss how to understand and manage the information we get from the statistics component of our web site manager, and how to develop a strategy for your website.