Michael Muetzel

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How are the younger generations, Gen X and Y, impacting the workplace and the small business economy? Mike Muetzel joins Jim Blasingame to talk about how the emergence of these generations is different from the past, including the challenges and opportunities being identied.
Does your small business have generational silos? Mike Muetzel talks with Jim Blasingame about how small business managers minimize the natural tendencies for the generations to segregate themselves, creating less engagement and productivity.
How is Generation X and Y changing the landscape of America, including small business? Mike Muetzel talks with Jim Blasingame about how these young people are impacting politics and the marketplace. They also talk about what motivates them, which is more about "show me the meaning" than "show me the money."
Are the generations still having challenges working together? Mike talks with Jim about this and has some ideas about how Boomer employers can work more successfully with Gen X employees.
Are the members of Generation X aloof and self-absorbed, or are they just demanding that those of us who are older actually do what we say. Mike and Jim talk about the very interesting relationship between the generations.
Most employees leave because they feel unappreciated, not because of money, and Mike joins Jim to help small business owners understand how to show employees you value them. <br></["br"]>
Mike and Jim talk about the benefits of getting your Gen X employees connected to the mission of the organization.
Mike and Jim talk about the results of a recent survey on why employees leave their jobs.
Mike and Jim discuss what it takes today to keep employees of small businesses loyal and productive.
Mike and Jim discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with working with Generation X and Y employees, including why they seem to have less loyalty to an employer, and why trust seems to be especially important to them.