Mark Mayberry

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Mark Mayberry and Jim Blasingame talk about how small businesses can compete with the Big Box competitors by thinking big about little things.
Mark joins Jim to talk about how to develop your Customer Service Vision, and then execute it with both the best process and the best people.
Mark joins Jim to talk about how to do a better job of serving the most important people in our small businesses - our customers.
Mark helps Jim kick off National Customer Service Week by talking about the things we need to do to make sure we know what our customers want, what their experience is when they do business with us, and what they think about that experience.
Mark joins Jim to talk about three businesses he's found recently that are doing a great job of getting their customers to talk about them. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best things any small business can do.
Mark and Jim talk about how to develop communities as a way of accomplishing outrageous success.
Jim and Mark discuss how you can make sure word of mouth is your best marketing tool.
Jim and Mark discuss the turmoil going on in the business world and how to cope with changes in the workplace. They also talk about how to conduct business ethically.
Mark joins Jim to discuss the importance of finding a national organization related to your industry.
Mark joins Jim to talk about new technology and how appliance stores and small businesses are fighting the price war.