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How can a small business accomplish a quality process? Leslie Kossoff talks with Jim Blasingame first about how things are going for small businesses in France and Europe. They then move to a discussion about how the quality process should be implemented in a small business, including how it's differs from a big business.
What are the prospects for small business in 21st century Europe? Leslie joins Jim from Paris with a report on the challenges much of Europe has in promoting entrepreneurship.
Is the quality movement dead? Leslie says absolutely not and she talks with Jim about how small businesses can improve their bottom line significantly by merely adopting at least some elements of the quality process.
How much different is being a small business in Europe than in the U.S.? Leslie joins Jim from England to discuss these differences.
Having well defined quality processes is just as important for small businesses as it is for big business, Leslie and Jim talk about how to accomplish this.
Leslie joins Jim from London to talk about what Americans and Europeans can learn from each other about doing business.
Leslie joins Jim from London to talk about how small businesses can use the quality process to turn value into money.
All the way from London, England, Leslie begins her visit with Jim by talking about how different small business is in the U.K. and the U.S. They move on to discuss why small businesses must focus on establishing marketplace positioning through differentiation and delivering quality.
Leslie has moved to London, England, and joins Jim from there to talk about some of the differences between being a small business owner in England as opposed to the U.S.
Leslie and Jim help small business owners understand the difference between delivering quality service and establishing a quality process.