Kristin Arnold

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Kristin and Jim talk about the team that helped Lance Armstrong win his sixth Tour de France and how you can use a team to reach your maximum potential.
Jim and Kristin talk about team energizers - practical team activities that will increase your business' productivity.
Kristin joins Jim to talk about how communication helps build team strength in a small business. They also discuss why small business owners take advantage of their employees and how to remedy that.
Jim and Kristin talk about the five deadly sins of teamwork and how to make 2004 better than last year.
Kristin joins Jim to give some ideas on team energizing, practical team activities for your organization.
Kristin explains to Jim how to get started with team building. They talk about who your team is and how it works. They go on to give tips on how to tighten up your team meetings.
Jim and Kristin, a top team builder, talk about how to build teams in small businesses through team building exercises in order to have better organization.
Jim and Kristin talk about getting teams properly aligned and properly deployed in the new year.