Kirk Cheyfitz

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Do you have a global marketplace perspective? Kirk Cheyfitz joins Jim Blasingame to talk about his thoughts on the global marketplace, the problems and opportunities, and what all of this means for small business.
What do you do when Congress passes laws to curb big business excess and it ends up hurting small business? Kirk joins Jim to talk about his issue and what we can do about it.
Kirk and Jim talk about how to know when to grow your business, including consideration of takin gon investment capital.
Kirk and Jim talk about how small businesses can use the Internet to reach and hold customers by providing valuable content that connects customers to you.
Kirk and Jim discuss the economic challenges facing small business over the next 6-12 months due in large part to the Katrina recovery, and what they thing we should be doing to prepare for this period.
Kirk and Jim talk about the current and future landscape of advertising, and how it's being influenced by technology and new channels, and how small business should deal with these changes.
Kirk and Jim discuss some best practices on hiring top people and how to make sre you protect your intellectual capital when those top people leave your employ.
Kirk talks with Jim about the importance of trust in the marketplace and in our customer relationships.
Jim and Kirk talk about finding outside funding for your small business.
Jim and Kirk continue their debate on Bush vs Kerry in small business terms.