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Do you know the difference between the truth and myths about Thanksgiving? Ken Davis talks with Jim Blasingame about what really happened on the first thanksgiving day, and how it became one of America's favorite holidays.
Ken Davis talks with Jim Blasingame about the historical facts around the process Americans have of electing a president every four years, including how we use an Electoral College instead of an aggregation of the national popular vote.
Do you know how Labor Day got started? Ken Davis and Jim Blasingame talk about Labor Day, it's origins and influences for more than 120 years.
Just when you were comfortable with what you know about key historical figures, along comes Ken Davis who joins Jim Blasingame to talk about his new book, America's Hidden History, which uncovers many fascinating, mostly untold stories-behind-the-stories.
What's the history of the celebration we call Christmas? Not what it stands for, but rather how we celebrate it. Ken and Jim talk about how we came to have the holiday of Christmas as we know it and some of the more interesting paths the tradition has taken over the years.
Do you know what REALLY happened on that first day of thanksgiving in America? Ken joins Jim have a lot of fun talking about the myths and facts about the history of this great American holiday. Oh, by the way, Jim gets a little riled up about Canada's thanksgiving day.
What do we really know about Christopher Columbus? Ken joins Jim on Columbus Day to fill us in on some things we know and some we don't know, about this man traditionally -- which is not to say, correctly -- recognized as the person who discovered America.
What do you know about the history of Labor Day? Ken joins Jim to discuss this history and the legacy of the labor movement in the U.S.
What do you know about the history of Independence Day in America? Ken joins Jim to review some of the truths and misconceptions about the celebration we know as the Fourth of July.
Do you know what Memorial Day is REALLY all about? Tune is as Ken and Jim talk about the origins of this holiday and those whom we should be remembering.