Karen Kerrigan

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Karen is one of the original members of Jim's Brain Trust and she talks about some of the projects she and her organization are working on for small business, including meetings with the presidnet as well as members of Congress.
Karen joins Jim to talk about small business public policy issues she's working on, like healthcare, trade, women's issues, and taxes.
Karen joins Jim on the 157th anniversary of the Women's Right Convention (1848) to talk about the evolution of women's rights and the progress of women in the marketplace since then.
Karen joins Jim to talk about some public policy issues that might help small businesses.
Reporting from Washington, D.C., Karen talks with Jim about the current public policy issues facing small business, including economic development, minimum wage, healthcare, etc.
Jim and Karen talk about the President's recent economic summit.
Karen and Hector join Jim to talk about a reacent economic summit and what small business owners could learn from it. Hector also shares some breaking news with Jim.
Jim and Karen discuss the policies that effect entrepreneurs and how Karen's organization has become an advocate for small businesses.
Jim and Karen talk about what the U.S. House and Senate are working on in session.
Karen joins Jim to talk about President Ronald Reagan's effect on 21st century business owners.