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Most economists admit that the U.S. tax cuts of 2003 have been good for the global economy, not just for the U.S., and John talks with Jim about how it's looking with regard to those cuts being made permanent.
Sometimes small businesses feel that their biggest enemies are politicians who pass legislation, and impose regulations and taxes, that are harmful to them. John joins Jim to talk about what small businesses can expect out of the 109th Congress, now lead by the Democrats.
Just back from the World Taxpayers Conference in Europe, John talks with Jim about what he saw there. They go on to talk about some of the current tax issues being debated in Congress.
John and Jim talk about the current debate over the spending practices of our federal government, the lack of discipline today in government, and what we can do about this. They also talk about some of the upcoming tax legislation to be debated, like abolishing the estate tax.
John joins Jim from the National Taxpayer's Conference in Washington, D.C. to discuss the tax reform movement that's now global.
Jim and John start their conversation by analyzing president Bush's inauguration speech. They talk about the different views on the language he used. John and Jim also discuss policies regarding Iraq and the upcoming elections there.
Jim and John discuss what the next four years under President Bush means for small business owners and tax reform opportunities.
John Fox and John Berthoud join Jim Blasingame to discuss and debate U.S. tax policy.
John joins Jim to explain what we have to do in 2004 to continue the tax reform momentum.
Jim and John talk about if there is a taxpayer revolt beginning in America.