James Dion

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Is the economy going to turn around for retailers? James Dion and Jim Blasingame talk about the pace of the recovery and what retailers should anticipate as they plan for the future.
How does a small business retailer establish a successful social media strategy? James Dion joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the relevance of social media to the local small business retailer and its prospects and customers.
How do small business retailers deal with the challenges of this recession? James Dion and Jim Blasingame talk about tips an best practices that will help a retailer not only survive but actually thrive this year.
Is this a good time to start a new retail small business? James Dion tells Jim Blasingame that this actually is a good time to start certain retail businesses. They also talk about how to survive and thrive in a tough economy.
How is retail fairing during this challenging economy? James Dion talks with Jim Blasingame about the challenges that retailers are having and what they must do to make sure they survive.
Are you in retail, or do you want to be? James Dion talks with Jim Blasingame about how to be successful in the retail sector, having a clear and accurate understanding of how you fit into the marketplace, avoiding the price and commodity war, and incorporating technology into your retail business model.