Jack Uldrich

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What does nanotechnology hold for our future? Jack joins Jim to talk about some of the most recent nanotech developments that we will be able to take advantage of this year.
Jack brings an update on what Jim is calling the next killer app - nanotechnology. Jack is one of the leading voices on nanotech, and you won't want to miss some of the things Jack reports, including how to invest in a world where nanotech exists.
One of our most prolific authors in the Brain Trust, Jack launches his newest book on Jim's show with is about the leadership lessons to be learned from General George C. Marshall.
Jim and Jack talk about the changes in nanotechnology and how it is changing the world and small business.
Jack joins Jim to talk about some principles to help you stay on course and move forward. They discuss what small business owners can learn about success from Lewis and Clark's journeys.