Gerald Celente

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Gerald joins Jim to give him another dose of his views of how things are going. Caution: Gerald can come across as a little cynical, and he and Jim don't always agree. Don't miss this one.
Gerald joins Jim to hold forth on his ideas of what's wrong and what's right about America and the world. This interview is not for the faint of heart.
Gerald joins Jim to talk about the upcoming trends of 2005.
Gerald joins Jim to explain all the signs that are pointing towards a recession.
Gerald joins Jim to explain why there are so many people are out of work. He gives some ideas on where the jobs went and when they are coming back.
Gerald helps us imagine what's coming at us in the future by making us focus on where we've come from. The discussion revolves around the difference between the old economy and the new economy. Gerald is one of the best at making us examine our beliefs and notions about our lives, businesses, and the world we live in.
Gerald and Jim talk about how to prepare our small businesses today for some of the events and changes that are heading at us in the next millennium.
He joins Jim to share his vision of what he believes are the critical issues we need to be watching as we move into the 21st century. Gerald says he is not a futurist, but he is a Trends Tracker (in this visit, Gerald tells us the difference).