Eva Rosenberg

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Eva helps Jim explain what a self-directed IRA is and how you can take the capability of an IRA and use that money to fund the growth of your small business.
Eva and Jim talk about the new debate over reforming the estate tax, and how this tax affects small businesses. They move on to talk about other tax issues, including sales tax holidays.
Eva joins Jim on the eighth anniversary of her first interview on the Small Business Advocate Show to discuss what it means to be a small business owner and how Eva has accomplished success as an entrepreneur.
Eva joins Jim to talk about some of the 2006 tax issues that could affect your small business tax planning.
Eva joins Jim to talk about why the repeal of teh estate tax is important for small businesses, plus she reports that the IRS is auditing more small business owners whose company is profitable but the owners are taking no payroll compensation, or not enough. They go on to remind you of upcoming filing extension deadlines.
Celebrating her seventh year on the show with Jim, Eva talks about last minute tax filing tips, plus some excellent tips on running your business better all year long.
Jim and Eva go beyond taxes and talk about the mistakes small businesses make.
Jim and Eva talk about SIMPLEs - they have to be OPENED by Sept 30th if you want to use them for 2004.
Eva joins Jim to talk about getting taxes done right and why it sometimes takes so long.
Jim and Eva talk about the complications of starting a business without having money to do it.