Ed Yourdon

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Ed and Jim discuss the value of our intellectual property and what we should do to protect it from being lost or stolen. They go on to talk about the current outsourcing opportunities for small business.
Jim continues his honest debate about jobs with Ed as they talk about the natural progression of job loss.
Ed joins Jim for an honest debate about the impact of offshore outsourcing.
Jim and Ed talk about the loss of American computer programming jobs to companies overseas.
Ed joins Jim to talk about the "worm" that is plaguing many microsoft windows users in small businesses and people at home. Ed talks about who may have created it, how it operates, and how to eliminate it.
Jim and Ed talk about how India's computer industry surpassed the American computer industry because of the compound growth rate.
Ed talks with Jim about what is in store for us when the clock strikes midnight on 1.1.00, and what we should be doing to prepare for this event.