David Heenan

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David Heenan joins Jim Blasingame to recognize all of the ways that unsung heroes – the second bananas – are the foundation of a successful person or organization, but never get recognition.
David Heenan joins Jim Blasingame to celebrate the contribution of those unsung heroes, like teachers and members of our military, who contribute so much in our lives, without celebrity or even fair compensation.
David Heenan joins Jim Blasingame to talk about unsung contributors to our lives, like ghost-writers and small business owners.
Are you prepared to make an exit strategy from your business? David Heenan joins Jim Blasingame to explain why every business owner should be making plans for a graceful and successful exit strategy from his or her business.
One way or the other, you're going to leave your business. David Heenan joins Jim Blasingame to reveal examples of how to leave your business successfully, as well as some that were not so successful.
What will tell you it's time to go? David Heenan joins Jim Blasingame to encourage small business CEOs to have a life outside of the business, pay attention to the signs that tell you when it's time to go, because one way or the other, you will leave.
Inspirational stories of turning adversity into success are the topic of David Heenan's visit with Jim Blasingame as David introduces several real-life stories of people who overcame insurmountable odds and claimed success.
David joins Jim from Hawaii to talk about how foreign-born Americans, who have made up a lot of our brain power, are repatriating back to their home countries. David explains why this is happening, why we should care, and what we should do about it.
David joins Jim to talk about having balance in our lives, and ways to get balance.