David Gage

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How could planning the exit from your small business actually give you more control? David Gage joins Jim Blasingame to explain why establishing an exit strategy, including a succession plan, helps small business founders be able to control what happens when the time comes for an exit, controlled or otherwise.
There are many challenges in the process of planning for the transfer of ownership of a private business. Dr. David Gage and Jim Blasingame talk about these challenges, what causes them, how to deal with them and produce an orderly transition of ownership.
How to set up a successful partnership - even with family. This is the topic of discussion between David Gage and Jim Blasingame as he reveals the keys to bringing friends and family together in business by establishing how the relationship can end.
Why is a recession a good time for small business start-ups to consider a classic partnership, instead of going it alone. David Gage talks with Jim Blasingame about the efficiencies, leverage and also some of the cautionary issues of a partnership.
Should you look for partners or employees in order to grow your business? David Gage talks with Jim Blasingame about the difference between working with these two categories of stakeholders in your business.
Would you consider your family business to be high-functioning? David Gage talks with Jim Blasingame about the work he does with family businesses, including one case story about a dysfunctional family and how he fixed it.
Do you know how to begin a partnership? David joins Jim to talk about how to begin a partnership correctly so that you have the maximum opportunity to be successful.
What should you do when a conflict arises between business partners -- including family -- that you can't resolve. David talks with Jim about this and explains how mediation could be the answer.
Are you considering entering into a partnership? Do you have a partnership that's not working so well? Jim talks with David about how to find out if your proposed partnership has a chance of success even before you start, and what you need to do to work on the partnership you already have.
Small business partnerships are difficult to pull off successfully, and David talks with Jim about what to do when things go south in a business partnership.