Burton Folsom

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Jim and Burton discuss the origins of Labor Day and how it evolved.
Burt, our resident historian joins Jim to talk about the historical impact of political conventions.
Our resident historian talks with Jim about our presidents, on Presidents' Day.
Jim talks with our resident historian who discusses how presidents have used important speeches to shape history.
Our resident historian joins Jim to talk about Christopher Columbus, on his day.
Burt joins Jim for their traditional Labor Day discussion. They discuss the history of Labor Day and labor rights.
Burt Joins Jim on Independence Day to give the history of the holiday. They also discuss the men and their talents that made independence possible.
Burton joins Jim to talk about keeping up with history in order to move forward.
Burt joins Jim on Labor Day to talk about the history of Labor Day, and how it has changed over the years. They also talk about the importance of coordination and communication between the marketplace and our schools.