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What does the origins of Labor Day have in common with more recent government decrees? Dr. Burton Folsom joins Jim Blasingame to talk about the origins of Labor Day and to compare its origins to other government initiatives, such as the national minimum wage and Sarbanes Oxley.
Dr. Burton Folsom joins Jim Blasingame on America's Independence Day to talk about what the founders would think about 2008 America.
Who were the great presidents and who were the failures? Burt Folsom talks with Jim Blasingame about this list and the impact these men -- on both lists -- had on America.
Burt and Jim celebrate Labor Day by talking a little about its history and why there should be more recognition of the business owner, not just the employee.
On this Independence Day in America, Jim and Burt talk about the American experiment, as Lincoln termed it, and whether modern Americans are good stewards of what the Founders gave us.
Burt and Jim begin their visit talking about the impact of the recent Congressional elections on small business, especially with respect to raising the minimum wage. They also spend time saluting our veterans and recognizing their contribution.
Burt joins Jim to talk about whether if Labor Day were being considered as a national holiday today, would it pass. They also talk about the difference between static thinking and dynamic thinking with regard to public policy that affects the marketplace, like taxes, tariffs and minimum wage.
On this President's Day, Burt and Jim talk about some of teh past presidents, who were some of the best and the future of the American presidency. They also talk about the possibility of a woman president in the 21st century.
Burt and Jim talk about the history of labor in America, including the history of Labor Day.
Burt is the resident historian in the brain trust and he joins Jim on Presidents Day to talk about the uniqueness of the American presidency and how it has developed since the beginning of America including some of the key holders of this office.