Brian M. Carney

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What are the challenges to economic recovery in England? Brian Carney joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the negative impact of labor in the U.K., including onerous employment laws and high union ranks.
Is a conflict brewing between public sector unions and the private sector? Brian Carney joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the increasing strength, numbers and compensation of public sector unions and if there is a conflict brewing over this.
How different is starting a business in the U.S. compared to Europe? Brian Carney joins Jim Blasingame to compare the challenges to starting a new business in Great Britain and Europe, compared to how easy it is to do in the U.S.
With a pan-Atlantic view of the economic recovery, Brian Carney joins Jim Blasingame to report on what he thinks is happening with the global economy and what it will take to get things headed in the right direction.
How can unlimited paid time off work in the real world? Brian Carney joins Jim Blasingame to talk about a new way of thinking about work time and time off and the relationship between the two.
Is a VAT in the future for the United States? After initial thoughts on a value-added tax by Jim Blasingame, Brian Carney joins Jim to discuss the truth about this dangerous tax and why it won't solve our budget deficit problems.
De-stress your workplace to improve your bottom line, according to Brian Carney, as he reveals to Jim Blasingame how much of a toll stress takes on our people and how by reducing stress is not only the right thing to do, it is also a profit strategy.
Looking for a silver bullet to take your business to the next level? Brian Carney says you can do it without spending any money, just by freeing your employees to make a greater contribution, as he explains with Jim Blasingame.