Bob McTeer

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Will the Fed raise interest rates at this meeting? Bob McTeer joins Jim Blasingame to report whether the Federal Reserve Board will raise interest rates and discuss economic factors they will consider.
Should the Fed be in charge of new consumer banking regs? Bob McTeer joins Jim Blasingame to report on how the new banking regulations for consumers should be folded into the Fed organization.
Will allowing the Chinese currency to float improve the U.S. imbalance of trade with China? Bob McTeer joins Jim Blasingame to report on the advantages of China allowing its currency to float with the market, rather than be pegged to the U.S. dollar.
How could the E.U.'s sovereign debt crisis impact America's small businesses? Bob McTeer and Jim Blasingame discuss why America's small business should care about the short and long-term implications of the Europe's sovereign debt crisis.
Will the sovereign debt crisis lead to dangerous inflation? Bob McTeer joins Jim Blasinagme to discuss whether attempts to bail out European sovereign debt will ultimately lead to dangerous global inflation.
What will the Fed do with monetary policy? Former Fed insider, Bob McTeer, joins Jim Blasingame to predict what will be discussed in this month's Federal Open Market Committee Meeting, whether they will raise rates or just change their language.
How will proposed financial regulations hurt small business? Former Fed insider, Bob McTeer, joins Jim Blasingame to report some of the elements in proposed financial regulatory laws and why they will ultimately harm small businesses.
How does the Fed make its monetary policy decisions? Dr. Bob McTeer talks with Jim Blasingame about the Fed's decisions on interest rates, plus other ways the Fed can influence the economy with monetary steps, such as purchasing securities on the open market.
How does the Fed's monetary tools impact the economy? Former Fed member, Dr. Bob McTeer, reveals with Jim Blasingame where the money comes when the Fed buys assets from the open market, and how all of that activity influences the economy.
Should Fed Chairman Bernanke be reappointed for a second term? Former Fed member, Dr. Bob McTeer, tells Jim Blasingame that he thinks Bernanke is doing a great job and should be reappointed.