Bill Dunkelberg

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Bill discusses with Jim his monthly report of what small business owners are saying about the economy. You might be surprised to know that the news is very positive.
Bill joins Jim to report on how small businesses felt about the economy in August. Bill also explains why he things the impact of Hurricane Katrina will not have a long-term negative impact on the national economy. He also explains why the Fed did the right thing when they raised short-term interest rates again.
Bill joins Jim to report the results of his monthly survey of economic conditions with small business owners. The news is good. They also talk about the prospects who are most likely to replace mr. Greenspan.
Bill and Jim discuss the report of the most recent survey Bill conducted with small business owners across the U.S. about how the economy is doing. The news is good. Don't miss this interview.
Bill and Jim talk about the good economic news in teh recent NFIB survey Bill conducted. His small business respondents had very positive things to say about how things look in their world.
Bill and Jim begin their visit with Bill's opinion of the recent Senate compromise on filibustering judges nominated by President Bush. They go on the discusss the most recent survey that Bill conducts every month with small business owners to get their views on how the economy is going. Listen in to see if your experiences match up with Bill's survey respondents.
Bill joins Jim with the March report about what small business owners are saying about the economy.
Dr. Dunkelberg joins Jim for his monthly visit to report on his survey of small businesses for the month of January. The news is good. Sales are up hiring is up capital is strong and small business optimism is near record levels.
Bill and Jim talk about the condition of the economy according to small business owners.
Bill joins Jim for the Fed Watch show plus to give a report on what small business owners are saying about the economy.