Anita Rosen

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Is your web-strategy 1.0 or 2.0? Anita talks with Jim about what Web 2.0 looks like, why we need to do to get our Internet strategy moving in that direction, and how to do it.
Web 2.0 is the term being used to describe the newest Internet technologies, applications and practices, and Anita and Jim talk about these elements and how small business can use them to their advantage.
The Internet is evolving into a new generation of capability and Anita talks with Jim about what small businesses need to know to take advantage of this new era. <br></["br"]>
Anita and Jim talk about something called Web 2.0 and why business owners need to know about this as they make future technology and online plans.
Anita is one of the world's experts on e-learning, and she and Jim talk about the current state of this valuable management tool, and how small businesses can take advantage of this very important way to train themselves and their people.
Anita joins Jim to discuss the different aspects of e-Commerce and to help small businesses understand how to make your website customer friendly.
Jim and Anita discuss spring cleaning your business website to keep it current.
Jim and Anita talk about getting the word out about your small business through advertising, websites, and other tools.
Jim and Anita talk about the importance of understanding business online, including e-customer service. Anita shares some tips on how to get people to come to your website.
Anita joins Jim to talk about e-commerce and e-learning in plain English. They also discuss the difference between e-commerce and e-business.