Andrea Nierenberg

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Do you know how to find the low-hanging fruit of your networking activity? Andrea talks with Jim about how to grow your business without spending any money.
Helping Jim celebrate International Networking Week, Andrea and Jim talk about what it takes to be an effective and successful networker.
Andrea talks with Jim about the importance of following up once a networking contact is made, and how to do that.
Andrea and Jim talk about the importance of being aware in order to be a successful networker, and to remind you that in networking, it's not all about you.
Andrea joins Jim to talk about how to be a highly successful networker, even if you're shy.
Andrea and Jim talk about why networking should be a way of life, not a means to an end.
Andrea joins Jim to share some of her New Year's ideas for networking.
Andrea joins Jim to give some essential tips on successful networking.
Jim and Andrea talk about thinking about your current client base before going out to look for new ones.
Andrea joins Jim to help the people who aren't good at breaking the ice.