Michael Friedson

Michael Friedson

Michael Friedson, Co-founder and Executive Editor of The Media Line News Agency, a seasoned broadcast and print journalist with more than two decades of experience covering the Middle East oversees the work of the agency’s correspondents reporting from all parts of the region.

Michael hosted The Media Line’s nationally-syndicated Mideast Week radio program and appears daily as commentator on radio programs airing around the world, including the BBC World Service, ABC Australia, CTV Canada; affiliates of America’s major networks, and a New Hampshire news station bloc where he’s a featured member of morning program.

Michael Friedson writes The Media Line’s highly acclaimed Mideast Daily News, a news blast that appears six times each week and is a fixture among government officials, policy makers, educators and those with an interest in staying abreast of news from the region. He is frequently called upon to brief leaders in both public and private sectors on the dynamics of the Middle East.

Michael is a popular participant in forums on the Middle East and international politics, and is often requested to present to study missions and professional seminars.
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