Louis More

Louis More has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17 when he launched his first company. Fascinated by the food industry, he decided to manufacture athletic candies, cold-calling jelly manufacturers and active nutrient-ingredient suppliers across the U.S. to create his prototype.

The protein-and-electrolyte-filled candy he developed became such a success that the manufacturer he was using to produce it bought the rights. Based on this astonishing success so early in life, he was offered a sales job with Fiera Foods/Upper Crust, one of the world's largest baked goods manufacturers.

By the time he turned 23, Louis’ entrepreneurial spirit had kicked in again and he launched a new company — a food brokerage firm importing and exporting (selling) innovative products between Canada and the U.S.

In 2017, Louis established MORE Corp., an international food brokering and strategic consulting firm with sales and consulting deals totaling over U.S. $40 million annually. More than 37,000 stores across North America carry MORE Corp. goods.

Louis has worked with dozens of the largest food manufactures and mass retailers in the U.S. and Canada, and in the process he has acquired a unique understanding of the North American consumer packaged goods market and the supply chain that supports it. He has helped structure marketing and product-launch strategies for several large CPG companies, and he has developed strong relationships and partnerships with many of the top U.S. and Canadian retailers.

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Simon and Louis More join Jim Blasingame to report on how their Canadian food brokerage business has been impacted by the coronavirus, the USMCA trade deal, and the supply chain disruptions.
Simon and Louis More join Jim Blasingame to discuss their food brokerage business that Louis founded, which has major distribution over the upper two-thirds of North America, including how they’ve focused on the younger demographics.