Leslie Flowers

Leslie Flowers

Leslie is a trailblazer for people who long to achieve in business and in life. She has mastered timeless principles like the law of attraction and power of positive thinking to create a proven system for goal achievement and success.

She specializes in guiding women to succeed spectacularly in a man’s world and collapse the wage gap earlier than expected. She teaches women how to stop to the roller coaster of financial insecurity by building confidence, harnessing their positive beliefs, and taking inspired action to get what they want.

A speaker, best-selling author, and performance catalyst, Leslie has 45 years of experience in the corporate world and 20 years as an entrepreneur. Active in community service, she is a founding member of Growandshare.org.

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Leslie Flowers joins Jim Blasingame to report on the issue of gender dispersion at Google that’s in the news, and debate some of the key elements of that topic, like gender preference for certain fields of work.
Leslie Flowers joins Jim Blasingame to discuss some of the areas of inequality that still need attention for women in the marketplace.