Cutler Dawson

Cutler Dawson

Cutler Dawson served as the President/CEO of Navy Federal Credit Union for 14 years, retiring in January 2019. Prior to Navy Federal, he served over 34 years in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Vice Admiral.

Navy Federal is the world’s largest credit union with over 20,000 employees, $100 billion in assets and over eight million members. Assets at Navy Federal quadrupled during his tenure.

Cutler’s naval career included command of four ships, the Enterprise Strike Group, and his final sea tour was as Commander, Second Fleet/NATO Striking Fleet Atlantic based in Norfolk, Virginia.

Other assignments included Acting Budget Officer of the Navy, Chief of Legislative Affairs, and Deputy CNO for Resources, Requirements, and Assessments (N8).
In 2017, Cutler was selected as a Distinguished Graduate Alumnus of the United States Naval Academy.

Cutler’s book, From the Sea to the C-Suite, was published November 15, 2019. Through sea stories and leadership lessons learned in the Navy, he tells the story of how he applied those lessons at Navy Federal that contributed to Navy Federal’s growth during his tenure.

He currently is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors for the Center for Creative Leadership - a worldwide leadership advancement organization. Cutler is a leadership keynote speaker, business consultant, and executive coach.

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Cutler Dawson joins Jim Blasingame to reveal that there were four powerful principles that served him in the military and in the marketplace, including taking responsibility for what your unit does, or fails to do.
Cutler Dawson joins Jim Blasingame to share the story of his multiple-decade career in the Navy and how those lessons prepared him for a second career in the marketplace.