Grace-Marie Turner

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The brouhaha over liberals demanding that members of Congress turn down their congressional health insurance if they campaigned against Obamacare is misguided. Grace-Marie Turner shows us how this ... » More
Many doctors refuse Medicare patients because payments are so low. Grace-Marie Turner gives the details. » More
Grace-Marie breaks down quickly what is going on at the Galen Institute regarding health care. » More
The role of government in our health sector is significantly increasing, and President Obama will give us more details for his health reform in his first State of the Union address. » More
The White House believed Tom Daschle would be the Health and Human Services secretary. He isn't going to be. Grace-Marie gives us the details on what could be next. » More
SCHIP expires March 31, and expanding it to cover all children would be a mistake. Grace-Marie Turner gives four reasons why, and she offers a better way for health insurance. » More
Grace-Marie Turner offers ideas about what President-elect Barack Obama's administration will do first with regard to healthcare policy. She also explains why she things America is still a center-r... » More
Uninsured Americans need to be given more opportunities to buy private coverage to prevent more government-dominated, taxpayer-supported insured Americans. » More
The Commonwealth Fund continues its advocacy for universal coverage using statistics that speak loudly. Grace-Marie Turner shares the details. » More
On Senator Hillary Clinton's release of her universal health coverage... » More