Grace-Marie Turner

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If journalists would like to ask actual substantive questions for a change at the GOP debate in Milwaukee, they could start by asking about the biggest threat to our nation’s future security -- the... » More
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Who has the final say when action is taken involving Medicare? Grace-Maire Turner writes on the politics of Medicare spending. » More
The American people have consistently said they fear government control over their health-care choices. Grace-Marie Turner gives us the first three steps to keeping this from happening. » More
With the fall elections behind them and 2011 quickly approaching, newly-elected Republican governors and state legislators are facing a torrent of federal mandates to implement the new health overh... » More
A vote to repeal ObamaCare will be high on the agenda of the House of Representatives in January. Grace-Marie Turner discusses the four fronts this battle will take place on. » More
Currently, the White House has one simple agenda: Convince the House to pass the Senate's health care reform bill. It will be interesting to see if they are successful. and, if so, what affect that... » More