Why Keep a Real Estate Customer After the Sale?

Lois Geller

They bought the house, and you have your commission check in your hot little hand. Why not say “Bye, Bye” to that customer?

Well, first of all, real estate and all businesses are based on long term relationships. People know people, and meet new ones and can refer you, or even become your friend.

In fact, my art director bought a home from a lady named Christy. He’s been happy there, and she’s kept in touch with him. Last Christmas, she even came to his door with a lovely holiday plant. He invited her in, and remembered that his neighbor across the street had mentioned they were relocating to California.

So, he called up his friend, made the introduction right on the spot. She walked across the street and got the listing, and sold the home quickly.

How many sales do we all lose, because we forget to follow up with past customers. We’re always on a quest for new ones, and those old ones are right under our collective noses.

Take a look at your database and get back in touch with some of those past friends, and see what develops. Good luck and let me know what happens.

Lois Geller is founder and president of Lois Geller Marketing and author of Sold! Direct Marketing for the Real Estate.
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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