Wal-Mart's the best Rx for Dems' drug problem

Grace-Marie Turner Those in Congress who want to help Americans save money by buying Canadian drugs need to open their eyes. The real answer to high drug costs is competition, Wal-Mart style.

That's right. Wal-Mart - the very store that Democrats demonize and community activists are trying to keep out of New York City - is our best hope for cheap drugs.

As almost everyone knows by now, the retail giant has been pricing hundreds of generic drugs at just $4 for a 30-day supply. It started as a pilot program in Florida Wal-Marts. After they took in more than 88,000 new prescriptions in the first 10 days, the program was expanded to 26 other states, including New York. Other stores - Target, Wegman's and BJ's - have followed suit, lowering their prices as well.

None of this could have been possible up north - because Canada's drug industry is swamped in red tape. In fact, generics in Canada are actually more expensive than they are here, because Canadians pay a surcharge to subsidize generic manufacturing.

Anyone who stubbornly insists that U.S. health care needs a heavy dose of Canada apparently doesn't shop at Wal-Mart.

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