To-Do Lists Don't Get Done

Chuck Martin

While most senior executives and managers keep a list of things to do every day, none of them complete everything on the list by the end of the work day.

Ninety-three percent of business leaders keep a list of things to do each day and 50 percent say they have between 1-10 items on that list. None of them complete the whole list by day's end.

The majority (51%) finish 50 percent or less of their list each day, according to a recent survey by NFI Research.

"It shows that in today's business environment, executives and managers have such busy schedules," says Chuck Martin, CEO of NIF Research and author of Work Your Strenths. "It's hard for them to complete all that they set out to do."

Those small companies (500 or fewer employees) and large companies (10,000 or more employees) have a similar number of tasks on their daily lists. However, eight percent of those in small companies do no creat a list while everyone in large companies makes one.

"Interruptions, which are of course a part of my position, are the major challenge to my daily productivity," says one of the 148 business leader respondents.

NFI Research surveys senior executives and managers globally every two weeks. IT has chronicled the tranformation of business and countless workplace issues for more than nine years. NFI's Chairman and CEO Chuck Martin is the best-selling author of eight business books and frequently presents NFI's findings to businesses. Martin also teaches at the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, where he teaches Marketing Research and Social Media in Marketing.

Chuck Martin is CEO of NFI Research and author of SMARTS
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