Sales Success in Lean Times

Mike Stewart

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Two things to do better during these lean times are:
1. Think Strategically
2. Make More Productive Sales Calls

Two of our Clients understand this and are applying these principles every day in their sales activities with excellent results. One of these Clients is a privately owned distributorship headquartered here in the Southeast. The other is a multinational corporation headquartered in Europe whose American agricultural science business, with which we work, would place well within the Fortune 400.

Revenue volume is not important; these principles apply to companies of all sizes across industries.

Thinking strategically is the foundation of the distributorship's sales activities. They have identified those customers and prospects they want to create alliances with during these lean times so that they are ready to "explode" (their word) when the economy turns around.

They are HIRING salespeople during these lean times while their competitors are laying salespeople off. Because of their aggressive sales approach this Client is more than paying for their increased sales headcount. As you can imagine, morale and attitudes are sky-high within this growing company.

More productive sales calls to sell new business is the primary objective of the agricultural science Client during these lean times. They have reinforced and applied the new business sales development training they have received and their sales managers hold their salespeople accountable for developing new business from all sources during this recession.

Both companies are applying both principles. They both "get it" and, although each sees itself focusing on one area or the other, they understand that they must have a plan (think strategically) and sell new business (make more productive sales calls).

What is your strategic objective during these lean times?
What are you doing to make more productive sales calls?

To your success, always!

Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional, Registered Corporate Coach and author of Close More Sales!
Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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