Open Your Eyes...Networking Is All Around

Andrea Nierenberg Research tells us that there are at least 250 people that are already part of your network. Get reacquainted with them. Networking is about creating and developing opportunities through meeting and "connecting the dots" among the people you know. The following 10 categories of people can be the beginning of a great networking success story:

  1. Customers or Clients—They are the lifeblood of your business. Build trustworthy and positive relationships
  2. Suppliers—Refer your supplier and improve your chances of staying on his/her radar screen.
  3. Co-Workers and Colleagues—Office buddies are a powerful resource when networking. Invite a co-worker to lunch or coffee and get to know him/her better.
  4. People in your profession—Helping your competition can actually lead to greater opportunities to grow your business.
  5. Former classmates—Seize the opportunities in your alumni magazine and pinpoint people who you might reconnect with.
  6. Like-Minded People—Expand your horizons. Extra curricular activities mean people with common interest and ambitions, or who share similar life experiences.
  7. Neighbors—Turn a friendly wave into an invaluable conversation. Get to know your neighbors. You can open up the door for new opportunity.
  8. Friends—Take time to nurture and cultivate your friends. Network with them in a positive way, without any expectations.
  9. Family—They can be a great resource for networking opportunities. Think of how you can be helpful to those in your family.
  10. People you meet by chance—Be kind to unfamiliar people. Airports, grocery store lines, and waiting rooms are filled with a world of networking opportunities. Keep your ears and eyes open.

Think of people you know who fit in each of these categories. The possibilities for networking are endless. Over time, as you build rapport and trust, these relationships lead to other contacts, partnerships, and opportunities.

Category: Networking
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